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9 Nov

Fly me to the Moon?

11 Tips to stay fit during flight 11 Tips to stay fit during flight

Long distance flights are exhausting – for your body and your mind. Here are 10 tips to make the flight more enjoyable.

1) Drink a lot of water
Due to the low humidity in the plane you need to make sure to drink enough. The airplane is air-conditioned which increases the risk to dry out faster. Avoid alcohol and to much coffee.

2) What to wear?
Please make sure to wear comfortable clothing, not too tight, since we do not want the pants to pinch during the flight. It can get cold, therefore it is advisable to have a pullover and a scarf in your carry-on.

3) Pressure
A bubble gum facilitates the altitude compensation.

4) Sleeping
There are some blankets for each seat, but they are thin. In case you want to sleep Airlines provide you with small pillows. If that is not enough you can buy neck bolsters. You may also bring a sleeping mask with you.

5) Earplugs
Since it gets loud on a plane, you should prepare yourself and bring some earplugs. This way the constant noise is muffled.

6) Socks
If you want to have it very comfortable und want to take off your shoes, then bring some warm socks otherwise it might can chilly. In addition to that it helps reducing the risk of swollen feet.

7) Entertainment on Board
There is a huge range of movies, games and music.  If you do not like it, then I might be able to recommend a few books or magazines to read during flight.

8) Relaxation exercises
If the flight is too long, we can suffer from tensions or minor muscle cramps. To avoid those, there are some exercises. In each case it is of great importance to move. Walk up and down the aisle, move your feet and stretch.

9) Prevention of thrombosis
There are few suitable tights to prevent resp. avoid thrombosis. Do not underestimate it. Talk to the doctor prior your flight, especially if you are at risk.

10) Hygiene
Cleaning wipes are recommended. Even though there’s not a lot allowed on carry-on bags, cleaning wipes are and you can at least freshen up a little. For your dental care a small tube of toothpaste and a travel toothbrush is sufficient.

11) A jump into the water…
…can work wonders. If you travel to the ocean, simply check-in, enjoy your welcome cocktail and then off to the beach to cool down. This not only gets the circulation going but the entire body finally moves again.

Have a nice flight, your Sinnoire

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